About ASAC

…the Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth

MISSION – ASAC’s mission is to help women to have better births.

VISION – ASAC envisions a world in which every woman gives birth with dignity, and experiences an empowered transition into motherhood, allowing her children to have the best start possible to their lives.

ASAC was formed in 1979 to help women and their families have better birth experiences. A positive and satisfying birth experience will help a woman transition more easily into her role as a mother – breastfeeding will be easier, bonding with her baby will be easier and she will have a better chance of avoiding postpartum depression. The cost to families and society are high when mothers are depressed and not functional. Traumatic birth experiences make for a harder path ahead for women, babies and families and research tells us that the effects can last for years.

ASAC’s mandate is to educate women about childbirth, regardless of the caregiver and location of birth that they choose. ASAC believes that women are capable of making good decisions for themselves, if they are well-informed. A women is more likely to have positive feelings about her birth if her choices are respected and she feels she had some control over her birth process, regardless of the outcome.

Birth Issues is ASAC’s biannual magazine, full of birth stories, birth and parenting information, health information for the whole family and much more. The magazine emphasizes choice, awareness, and a natural, healthful approach to these topics. It is unique in that it is the only magazine written by women for women, by consumers for consumers. The magazine is not just about childbirth. It is about insisting that women and their families have options, deserve to be informed, and they can demand respect for their individual informed choices.

As a consumer-based, not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization, ASAC relies on donations and money raised through various fundraising methods. Funds are required to keep the Birth Issues magazine in print, and for their many other programs including lecture series, movie screenings, conferences, resource library, trade show displays, and play group. For more information please visit www.asac.ab.ca.

All proceeds from the Tiaras & Bowties Children’s Gala will go to ASAC.






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